Mn Process Servers

If you are being served process, it is not a good idea to discuss your case with the person bringing the papers.

No matter what type of legal documents you need delivered, our staff of detectives can deliver them for you.

We can provide investigation services to attorneys as well as to private citizens.

We can send female private investigators to help in any situation, especially in ladies restrooms.

Any documents sent from the courts will be hand delivered by a process server.

Our detective agency offers legal service to the general public and the legal profession.

Completing your job and getting the paperwork back in your hands is our highest priority.

Not only are the detectives we send you competent, but they are fully trained in all types of investigation services.

There are many ways to locate a person who has skipped town to avoid being served.

When documents have been served they must be filed with the court, and our process server can do that for you for an additional fee.

Our private detectives are highly trained and have years of experience in all types of investigations.

If you need to find out if there is neglect going on with your children and your spouse, our detectives can help you find out.

A proof of service document telling when the process was served, where it was served and the name of the person who served the papers may be necessary in your state.

Professional process servers who are familiar with people trying to duck out on them have tricks they can use to be sure process is served.

Many people are doing online dating and you should have us do a background check before you date someone.

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