Mn Process Servers

We cannot complete process until your documents are delivered and then filed with the courts.

Someone who runs from a process server will eventually be found because we don't stop.

You can depend on our process service to get all your jobs done on time.

If our process server does not serve process, they don't get paid, so they do their best.

It is not necessary for our process servers to say anything to the person being served other than verifying the name of the person they hand the paperwork to.

Serving process must take place for document delivery to be legal.

When we serve process we go beyond due diligence to complete the service for you.

03/09/17 08:27:26 AM

If you are being served process, be sure you to not have the person bring those papers to you.

03/08/17 05:19:36 AM

If you are in need of legal documents served fast, give us a call.

03/07/17 12:03:55 AM

Sometimes a process server needs to be registered with the state and sometimes they don't.

03/05/17 11:54:18 PM

When your attorney draws up paperwork for child support, that paperwork will be sent to your spouse by way of service or process and not in the mail.

03/04/17 02:34:33 AM

Sometimes when people know they are about to be served papers, they skip town and you need to hire a skip tracer.

03/02/17 07:24:20 PM

If you destroy papers that have been delivered from a process server, you may be in trouble with the courts.

02/28/17 07:16:51 PM

Any time you are to appear in a court of law, papers must be delivered by a process server.

02/27/17 06:03:47 AM

If you have someone who needs to be served and they have gone to another county, don't worry because we can cross state and county lines. You do not have the right to ignore papers that have been served to you in process.

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